Helpful Tips to Lasting More in Bed During Sex

Ideally, men should look forward for the time that they are alone with their partner for some intimate activity. However, for men who are experiencing ejaculation issues, it’s different. Some would even try to avoid sex just to save them from the embarrassment of early ejaculation. If these men continue to avoid the problem instead of facing it, stress and anxiety would grow. Below are some tips to lasting more in bed during sex so you won’t end up endangering your relationship due to this condition.

Breathing Technique

It is very important to practice deep long breaths even before getting into sex. The problem with most men is they only do this once they are already heated up. This type of breathing helps you relax better prior to the sexual experience. If you are tensed, then it would surely lead to early ejaculation.


Set it right from the start. You need to know how to pace yourself. Start slow in the first few minutes in order to last longer than the usual. Do not be like other men who immediately go wild and ending up in a situation where they could not anymore control their ejaculation. Make sure to be in a comfortable position.

Be More Focused

It is necessary for men to be focused both mentally and physically instead of always thinking about premature ejaculation. If you do this regularly, then it will become natural to be focused every time you have sex. When you concentrate on your partner, you will be away from thinking about the sensation in your penis.

Right Attitude

The right attitude is facing this problem with a light heart. Do not put too much pressure on yourself. As much as possible you need to be relaxed before and during the sexual encounter. It could help if you could throw a joke to have a comfortable atmosphere. If everything will not turn out as planned, do not be disappointed, surely your partner understands it and sees your efforts.
Cooling Down
Learn some ways on how to cool down especially when you start to lose control a little bit. When about to ejaculate, knowing the things to do in order to cool down is a big help. Learn about 5-10 tricks to cool down. These tricks will surely help you last longer in bed.
These are some of the tips to lasting more in bed during sex that you could follow. Make sure to practice it regularly and definitely you’ll do better next time.

Knowing the Effectiveness of the Stud 100 Through Reading Reviews

Men who are aiming to deal with their ejaculation issues should try Stud 100. Read a review of stud 100 desensitizing spray and learn how effective this product is. However, you should not settle with reading only a single review. Read a dozen or more coming from various websites. The product is certainly one of the most successful in the market since it has been around for around 20 years already. This just means that a lot of people are appreciating the product and continuously use it. The product contains Lidocaine which has a numbing effect on the skin. With this, you could have sex with your partner without too much sensitivity and this result to delay in ejaculation.

There are a lot of reasons why you need to give this product a try especially when you have been dealing with ejaculation issues for a long time. It is affordable, effective and non-toxic. It had undergone various studies and tests to prove its effectiveness and safety. You could easily use the product since there is no need to have a prescription from a doctor to buy it.

Advantages of Stud 100

Some other advantage of this product is it comes with a money back guarantee which means that giving it a try will not cost you anything if it does not satisfy you. It could easily be applied since all you have to do is spray it on your penis. The best part of all is it’s not transferable to your partner. This is because the skin would completely absorb the product after a couple of minutes. With this, you could be sure that your partner enjoys every bit of the experience. You also still have the same experience since the numbing effect is just right to get rid of excessive sensitivity.


The product is certainly safe since it does not contain any toxic ingredients. Make sure that you use it as instructed in the labels in order not to experience any problem. Since a lot of people already tried it and many did not encounter problems. Expect that it would also work well for you. One safety reminder is not to use the product when have a pregnant partner.


The Lidocaine content of the Stud 100 makes it an effective product to deal with premature ejaculation. Make sure that you try it using low dosage first so you could easily determine what dosage is right for you. Give it a try since its safe. Read a review of stud 100 desensitizing spray now to convince you that it really is worth it.

Reading Reviews and Testimonials About Promescent

If you are hearing a lot of good news about Promescent, now might be the right time to know it better. It might be the product that fits you when it comes to dealing with premature ejaculation. It is not a good practice to immediately try a product due to the good things you hear about it. Doing a personal research and investigation is a must. The review of Promescent desensitizing spray should come from different sources for better credibility. Promescent is a desensitizing spray with Lidocaine as the main ingredient. It is an anesthetic substance that eliminates the sensitivity in the penis. It is effective since it is easily absorbed by the skin so it works from the inside targeting sensitive nerve endings. The reason why men ejaculate early is because they fail to control their urge or excitement before and during the sexual experience.

Since sensitivity of the penis is eliminated, men don’t have to worry anymore about ejaculation issues. The best thing about this product is it offers real results unlike other products which are only driven by great marketing. After spraying the product into the penis about 10 minutes prior to having sex, you don’t anymore have to worry about anything. Since the product is approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), there is nothing to fear with regards to side effects. It has been tested in the laboratory and is expected to provide results to men who will be using it.

It is ideal to learn more about the product through reading testimonials and reviews online. Men who have tried the product find it really effective and consistent. Those who started using it did not anymore experience quick ejaculation. This just shows that the product is effective and it will continue to be effective with every use. Sex endurance could improve with this product for men are more confident that they could last longer in bed. If this product is used together with natural exercises to improve performance in bed, it surely will have a significant effect on your sex life.

When it comes to dosage, it is not hard to keep track for it is counted by spray. Ideally, you need to start with about 2-3 spray only. Do not overdose for you might experience too much numbing effect. If you observe that it is not enough, then increase the dosage on your next sexual encounter.

Again, don’t forget to read a review of Promescent desensitizing spray in various sites for some might be biased in doing their review. When majority of the site tells a lot of good stuff about this product, then it’s enough reason to try it.

Overcome Premature Ejaculation – Be a Real Man

Can you imagine how embarrassing and humiliating it will be lying in bed with a girl you really love and end up ejaculating within a very short period of time after engaging in penetrative sexual relations. Certainly, the situation is pretty terrible. It’s awful for a man to experience premature ejaculation, and this can even worsen depending on the girl you have in bed.

Overcoming premature ejaculation is not impossible as some people think. There are various ways this odd occasion can be fixed and many other ways to retrain yourself on how you can last longer in bed.

Here are Some of the Ways of Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

*Take a Breather:

As when doing vigorous work or exercising you will have to rest a little while getting your groove on. Most people feel embarrassed doing it but there is no need for that as you do not have an unlimited amount of stamina. You can either ask your partner to pause or slow down for a while. It is a good idea to maintain the penetration such that when you go into a high gear, it will be as if you didn’t miss a beat. Preferably, try increasing your stamina so that breaks are not necessary in the future.

*Do Penis Exercises:

Just like exercising improves the overall blood circulation in the body, exercising your penis can boost blood circulation in your penis. Do not undertake any kind of exercises involving any gadgets such as weights. Just do natural exercises that require equipment. If you involve the use of gadgets, there are high chances of getting injured and perhaps cause permanent damage to your penis.

*How to last longer in bed through practice:

Finally, in order to last longer in bed, you need to start practicing strengthening up your pelvic muscles. A lot is said concerning women and their pelvic floor muscles but certainly even men can greatly benefit from exercising these muscles. And how can you locate these muscles? Well, it’s simple, try to stop urinating midstream. The muscles you use to do this should instead be strengthened so as to put off ejaculation. Actually there is a lot one can do to overcome premature ejaculation. So, why not start experimenting immediately and you’ll find yourself more confident in no time.

In a nutshell, consistency and confidence is the rule to last longer in bed. In fact, you can last at least twice longer in bed than before. By pressuring on the perineum, breathing consciously, pulling down the testes before ejaculation and keeping thinking about ejaculation you can do away with premature ejaculation once and for all and unbelievably fast. Try these ways mentioned above and become a real man in bed.